1. "This is stupid!"
  2. "There was nothing I could do!"
  3. "Laggy online!"
  4. "I didn't do that!"
  5. "Instant death!"
  6. "Come on man!"
  7. "Stupid game bugs!"
  8. "What the f*ck?"
  9. "I got robbed!"
  10. "I spawn, I die!"
  11. "I'm pressing buttons!"
  12. "I'm holding block!"
  13. "F*ck this game!"
  14. "Holy teleportation!"
  15. "Oh my f*cking God, he killed himself!"
  16. "What a scrub!"
  17. "I tried to do nothing, he does stuff!"
  18. "Mash that Dragon!"
  19. "Go die in a fire!"
  20. "All employees!"
  21. "I don't wanna be Mr. Views!"

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