THEKINGOFHATEHD was Phil's previous vlog channel, which he uploaded all of his vlog-style videos to from April 6, 2009, the day he created the channel, until November 3, 2010, the day he uploaded the final video to the channel.  He created it to separate his vlogs from his gameplay, which was first on darksydephil, and later on DSPGaming.  However, he later moved his vlogging over to DSPGaming, before creating a new vlog channel, THEKINGOFHATEVLOGS, which replaced THEKINGOFHATEHD; this one is just used to archive many of his classic vlogs nowadays.  

The Hateful TruthEdit

Poorly Cookin' w/The KingEdit

Project 7Edit

DSP Tries ItEdit

Smark GuysEdit

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